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To celebrate the launch of NG Consulting, over the next three months I am offering discounted dates for early adopters. My day rate until end of June 2018 will be £500 plus expenses. Thereafter my rates will return to standard pricing of £720 per day plus expenses.

Use the contact form to get in touch if there's a project I could help you with.

Three great reasons for getting in touch are shown below!
18 years in the ati
Eighteen years is almost as old as my son! (Hi Lewis) Clearly a lot has changed over those years where now we have connected aircraft, connected flight deck, connected cabin and GBs of data being generated around each flight in way or another. Just as aircraft have changed, so has my methodology had to change to reflect the ATI evolution. Having worked with over 60 airlines I am deeply familiar with flight ops processes and how to make them better.
reduce flightops costs
Airlines are desparate to embrace digital benefits and reduce flight ops costs. But the secret of the how much cost can be saved (and what the solution needs to do to achieve them), lies deep within their processes. I have the unique methodology to reveal these key elements. For your airline, you find out what the future looks like. For your company that supplies airlines, you can have a competitive advantage in knowing process data your competitors don't!
did i mention reduced rates?!
Not only will get a blueprint for cost reduction at your airline or your airline customer, you also get it for less cost! My methodology is unique - you can't get it anywhere else - and it's been validated by over 60 airlines over the last 18 years. Let's have a chat about how I can help your airline project - get in touch before my day rate goes up in July!


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To optimise the world's airlines by embracing all that digital transformation can offer, increasing their margins, providing better solutions and ultimately best serve airline customers.

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